Placing Memory Project

“Placing Memory in High River’s Built Environment” is an oral history research project about life in the town of High River, Alberta, Canada. Our purpose is to discover the relationships between particular places (buildings, parks, streets, etc.) and the memories of High River residents. We want to document the places that were significant in the history of High River and—perhaps more importantly—that stand out in the memories of High River residents.

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Overview of the “Placing Memory” project

Learn about the origins of the project, and the partners working together on this local history research, including our project funder, the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation.

Memories of 1967

What do High River residents remember about the 1960s? What was life like in town during Canada’s centennial year of 1967? [under development]

Sites of Memory in High River

Discover the sites of memory–places, spaces, events, and organizations–that are near and dear to the hearts of long-time members of the High River community. This is the heart of the “Placing Memory” project.

Objects of Memory (High River History Harvest)

Keepsakes. Photos. We all hold onto them. Examine objects of memory that bring meaning to High River residents.

Research Results

What have we learned about “placing memory” in High River? Read presentations and reports to find out more about the “Placing Memory” project and what we’re discovering about High River.

Talk to Us

Do you have a special memory of a favourite place in High River? Any pictures you think we should have? Any comments about our website? Interested in being interviewed for the Placing Memory project?

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Photo of Centre Street courtesy of the Museum of the Highwood (MH975.043.014),