Objects of Memory (High River History Harvest)

Students Caleb Hildenbrandt and Danny Randell interview High River resident Oliver Perry.

Objects of Memory

The Placing Memory project is committed to discovering the sites of memory in High River–the places, spaces, events, and organizations which hold special meaning for citizens of High River. These sites of history help us understand our collective history and identity as a community.

Along with the sites of memory, however, there are objects of memory that mean a great deal to individuals. The High River History Harvest was an event dedicated to discovering some of these keepsakes, memorabilia, and mementos that have meaning for members of the High River community.

History Harvest?

A “History Harvest” is a celebration of local history–a way to collect, preserve, and share the rich history of a community. It’s an event something like a cross between the Antiques Road Show and the “show and tell” times at which we used to display our treasured possessions way back in elementary school.

What We Do

At our High River History Harvest event, held on November 21, 2015, faculty and students from the History program at Ambrose University invited members of the High River public to bring historical objects to the Museum of the Highwood, where we created digital records of these artifacts from the past: keepsakes, photos, documents, and other objects of memory. We continue to seek new contributions to the High River History Harvest, and will continue to add items whenever High River residents contact us to get involved.

Virtual Exhibition

This virtual exhibition is created to share these objects of memory with the public, and others added to the collection since. We’re celebrating the past and preserving the memory of yesterday for the generations of tomorrow.

Click on the links below to view the exhibition!

Why Do Objects of Memory Matter?

View Objects of Memory Relating to Friends and Family [under development]

View Objects of Memory Relating to Land and Country [under development]

View Objects of Memory Relating to School and Church [under development]

View Objects of Memory Relating to House and Home [under development]

Add Your Objects of Memory to the High River History Harvest!

High River resident Jim Graham shared stories of his forefathers through this harvest photograph. Do you have some object of memory you’d like to tell us about?

Do you have interesting objects of memory in your possession? Perhaps old photographs, documents, knickknacks, tools, clothes, ornament–really, almost any artifact that holds memories of the past for you.

Would you like to share the memories and meaning associated with your artifact with others?

If so, please contact us and we’ll sit down with you, record the things you have to say about your artifact, take some pictures, and add your object(s) of memory to the History Harvest.

The High River History Harvest is part of the larger oral history research project called “Placing Memory in High River’s Built Environment. That project is a partnership between the History program at Ambrose University, the Museum of the Highwood, the High River Centennial Library, and local volunteers, many of whom work together on the Town of High River’s Heritage Advisory Board. The “Placing Memory” project is funded by the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation.

The History Harvest is an open, digital archive of historical artifacts gathered from local communities in the United States and Canada. The History Harvest concept is used with the permission of its creators, the History Department of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For more information, click here.