CCCRR Photo Album – Bremen Overseas Home for Emigrants

The following photo album was prepared in 1950 by the Canadian Christian Council for the Resettlement of Refugees (CCCRR) and presented to the Honourable Walter E. Harris, M.P., Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and to Colonel Laval Fortier, Deputy Minister, Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Ottawa, Canada, “as a token of appreciation on behalf of the thousands of unfortunates who have found a new home in Canada through the generosity of the Canadian Government and your Department.”

The CCCRR was an umbrella organization created by the Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization, Canadian Lutheran World Relief, the German Baptist Union, and the Catholic Immigration Aid Society, to facilitate the immigration of German refugees in the postwar era.

This photo album depicts the Bremer Überseeheim (Bremen Overseas Home) where emigrants were housed, cared for, and processed for immigration to Canada, before their journey across the Atlantic on the MS Beaverbrae.